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  • What is Beach Hut Inc.?
    Beach Hut Inc. is a large scale distributer for custom souvenirs and gifts, distributing all across Florida. Still have more questions? Please call (352) 241-9583.
  • What is a name drop?
    Name dropping is simply adding your custom text or logo to our souvenirs. Pad stamping is the process we use to customize our souvenirs with text or logos. It involves taking a 2D image and placing it on a 3D object.
  • How do we use our own logo?
    For us to add your logo we need you to send us a print ready copy of your logo in a large format preferably a .png file.
  • What souvenirs can be name dropped?
    Nearly all of our souvenirs can be name dropped. The exception being if an item is simply too small to add a name drop too.
  • Is ther a minimum order for name dropped souvenirs?
    Yes, there is a minimum for custom name dropped souvenirs. We create a custom plate for your name dropped souvenirs to print your text or logo on them. Please contact us to inquire more about terms and pricing.
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